Research Agenda

Smartcity.Health's long-term research agenda serves as a directory of topics, opportunities, and questions pertinent to the advancement of urban health innovations.

We take a mixed-methods approach to this work, spanning secondary and primary research, market and policy analysis, opinion pieces, creative non-fiction, and more. We welcome your suggestions, examples, and ideas.

Our research is informed by ongoing developments in policy, business, technology, and advocacy, and is built upon the key pillar areas described below. This framework was designed a dynamic list to evolve over time, so please check back from time to time.


City hall

The leadership and vision for smart health cities starts at City Hall.

Intradepartmental coordination of resources and data; Cross-city learning and collaboration; Smarter procurement;  Public-private technology partnerships; Civic engagement; Medicaid innovation; Public health programs; Novel data applications; Progressive tax policy; Pay for success programs;


health systems

"Smart" health systems are self-aware, delivering high quality care without jeopardizing the financial or clinical health of their communities.

Value-driven care; Multi-sector partnerships to address social and environmental determinants of health; Innovation Culture with external partners; Community-rooted hiring, sourcing, and investing; Digital savvy; Open data sharing; Lead non-medical care coordination and social interventions;

building icon.png

Built environment

The buildings and public spaces where we spend our time determines our day to day health. How can cities optimize their impact?

Digital citizens with web and mobile access; Safe and affordable housing; Protecting the vulnerable with care for the elderly, disabled, and homeless; Smarter offices; Green and clean environments; Safe streets for pedestrians and cyclists; Health-conscious public spaces and parks;