SDOH, Doncha Know: Innovation lessons from Minnesota’s Medicaid ACO program

This piece originally appeared on The Sustainable Future

“Risky Business” and the emerging private sector opportunity in SDOH
Addressing the social determinants of health has emerged as a key trend in health innovation. Health insurers, hospitals, and governments are rolling up their sleeves to test and refine capabilities to identify and meet the social needs of their communities, from the population level down to the individual.

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Tomorrow’s Smart Cities Will Take On the Social Determinants of Health

Not all is well in the Smart City.

As a health innovation junkie, I began researching Smart Cities last summer, and I was dismayed to find a glaring absence of discussion related to healthcare payment and delivery, public health, or urban health equity.

The Xs and Os of SDOH: Strategy of Leading Social Determinants of Health Programs

An excellent report by the Center for Health Care Strategies breaks down how six such communities around the country have done just that as part of multi-site program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.What follows is a summary analysis of the report, and some added color commentary on how the worlds of public health, healthcare, and health IT are rapidly converging as we move further into 2018.