In Plain English: Five Trends for Medicaid Innovators to Know About

Originally published on Tincture

Making Sense of Dollars, Data, and Demonstrations

We had the opportunity to attend the 11th Annual Medicaid Managed Care Summit in Washington DC last week. It was an energetic two days of expert perspectives, stimulating panel discussions, and illuminating examples of how organizations are responding to the challenges facing the Medicaid program, from community streets up to the halls of the Senate.

You’re probably aware that Medicaid has been under tremendous political pressure for quite some time in DC, long before the new administration rolled into town. To be fair, these sessions often resulted in more questions than answers.

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SDOH, Doncha Know: Innovation lessons from Minnesota’s Medicaid ACO program

This piece originally appeared on The Sustainable Future

“Risky Business” and the emerging private sector opportunity in SDOH
Addressing the social determinants of health has emerged as a key trend in health innovation. Health insurers, hospitals, and governments are rolling up their sleeves to test and refine capabilities to identify and meet the social needs of their communities, from the population level down to the individual.

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Reducing the Urban Health Penalty: 3 Ways Smart Cities can take on SDOH

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In Part One, we took a look at one of the major challenges of today’s reigning approach to designing Smart Cities: That the discussion and development veers towards surface level technology opportunities, rather than deeper, more systemic urban challenges, like the social determinants of health (SDOH). When left under-addressed, SDOH reinforce the so-called “urban health penalty,” which winds up costing us more in the short term, and reinforcing the intergenerational inequities that undermine our collective prosperity over time.

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