Our Vision

We imagine "Smart Cities for Health," where health is built into urban living at the social and environmental level. Our thesis is that in order to be successful, the next generation of urban planning should take a holistic view of human well-being, leaning on data, technology, and cross-sector collaborations to solve previously intractable social and economic problems.

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Our Mission 

To help bridge the research-to-practice gap by connecting the world of business and technology innovation with the public health needs of cities, as determined by the growing evidence base from healthcare policymakers, academics, and advocates.

Our Approach

1. Research how the relationship between city and citizen affects health, using stories, data, and evidence across multiple sectors

2. Translate urban challenges into market opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, philanthropies, or city leadership to "do well by doing good"

3. Create discussion around progressive ideas for innovation and creative problem solving with the resources we have within reach - be they financial, technological, or human


Our Guiding Principles

1. Human Dignity - We believe that people are a city's greatest resource, and that maintaining health and well-being for all, especially the most vulnerable, is a foundational goal for sustainable socioeconomic prosperity

2. Curiosity - We're driven by the power of discovery. Expertise is critical, but it shouldn't short-circuit the imagination and creativity needed to innovate our most intractable problems

3. Open Source Collaboration - In a rapidly evolving digital information economy, we strive to embody the balance of original creation with objective, curated research

To find out where the country is heading, don’t follow the national headlines. Get involved locally. That’s where the action is.
— Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City 2002-2013

ABOUT US                                                WORK WITH US

Smartcity.Health is a thought leadership initiative managed by Patchwise Labs, a creative strategy firm focused on health innovations that help the people who need them most.
We embrace collaboration as a business principle. We source ideas and evidence from the non-profit, public, and private sectors alike. We rely on a trusted network of partners to provide us with ongoing research support, ideas and thought leadership, and operational sustenance. 
Please send us a note to inquire about partnership or sponsorship opportunities.